Quail Pelts

Why Quail?

We started raising quail with the intent of strictly food. It didn't take long for the wheels in our head to start turning. We hadn't seen a market for quail before and that made us very interested as to what these quail were capeable of. After tying with them, We knew we had something special.

Quail have been a great alternative for partridge, in our opinon.....it's better. We have a wide color selection and feather quality that partridge can't compete with.

Quail Buggers

This fly has palmered natural white quail feathers up the shank of the hook making this pattern a force to be reckoned with.

Quail bugger variations

Tie it in all colors to get a shad or even a sculpin look.

A few variations we tied

Some of the flies pictured:gamechanger, matuka, quail bugger, soft hackle, collared nymphs, our version of whitlocks fox squirrel nymph.

Quail feather Game Changer

This game cahnger is 4" in length and has a mop tail and "tent and shingle" back. It is made out of italian cream quail feathers palmered on shankes and wild brown feathers for the shingles along with JC eyes.

olive nymph with wild brown quail collar

rainbow scud dub nymph with mottled pearl quail collar

olive soft hackle nymph with italian cream quail collar

phesant tail with wild brown quail collar

size 18 phesant tail nymph with wild brown quail collar

Bead head/thread body/natural white quail collar

Matuka using italian cream quail feathers.

Bead head/thread body/chocolate quail collar

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