About Jessi

Growing up in Alaska I started tying and fishing at a young age. I was gifted my  first fly rod and fishing hat from my dad and I've been unstoppable since.  I used to sneak down to go fishing (2 miles from the house) and my mom would know exactly where to find me saying, "You know bears like to fish to, you can't just leave and not tell me where your going." I then got a tying set up so I could learn to tie, we didn't have anywhere to learn or buy flies close to us. I just started tying material to a hook to make it "buggy" using everything I could find including saving feathers/hair from our hunting. I tied every fly from then on and my family and I have caught fish all over Alaska. In 2001 we moved to Missouri. After getting settled we started driving around and found trout fishing 30 minutes from the house. I went every chance my mom took me, It was a trout park but atleast I could fish again. After graduating and getting my own vehicle I started researching for myself and I found some great wild water that will hold my heart from here on out.

What have I been up to?

Sowbug 2023

I have to admit I was bummed that Son Tao didn't sell any flies at this event. He did give me a few tho and I just might have been grinning ear to ear. He is such a genuine person and just lights up talking about fishing,

2023 Streamer Lovefest

I got to meet Brita Fordice. I have been following her on Instagram for years and I was fan girling a bit.


I hit 10,000 followers on Tiktok! That app has been so fun to play with and I hope to keep growing from there.

2022 SMFF Women's event

It was a great event to introduce Women into fly fishing. There were many people there to help you learn to tie your own flies, tie knots, teach you how to cast and plenty of people to talk fishing with.

2022 Small Mouth Rendevous

15 people got 8 materials and a hook. Each person had 10 minutes to tie a fly. I entered this fly and I won. I still can't believe it but it's an honor to have my name on the trophy with some great tiers.

2022 Sowbug Roundup

I had a mess of some soft hackle flies I had tied up. Chad Johnson came by and bought some bugs. I was still wondering what just happened when Jarrod says' "Do you know who that was?" The next day he came by talking about how well my flies worked the night before.